Kate Linn & Chris Thrace

Kate Linn & Chris Thrace



Name: Kate Linn & Chris Thrace
From: Romania
Genre: Singer
Hit Song(s): Zaynah, Ring My Bell, Wildfire



Kate Linn or Catalina Ioana by her real name is a young talented girl , also student at Music Collegium from the seaside part of Romania , more specifically Constanta. Having a lot of activity in the music domain, Kate has chosen to start a singing career being encouraged by Cristian Tarcea. Even if they know each other for a long time, Cristian Tarcea decided that this was the right time to produce Catalina’s first single. At only 16 years old , Kate Linn is having her first single “Ring my bell” released , made by Cristian. Despite her age , Kate’s voice can tell that she’s well prepared for a music career so why not to start this with Ring my bell?
Cristian Tarcea (also known as Chris Thrace) , artist ,composer and producer , has been studying music ,piano precisely, since he was 5 years old. Even at the age of 8 he started a music career acquiring with small steps the knowledge earned along the time in music (theory,instrument). He possesses various prizes at music competitions and extracurricular acitivities. At present he is studying percussion ,piano ,music theory and all that has to deal with music ,those things making of him a good player at both instruments.


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