Name: Otilia
From: Romania
Genre: Singer
Hit Song(s): Bilionera, Aventura, Balım (ft. Serdar Ortaç)
Website: otiliamusic.com



Her full name is Otlila Bruma, from an early age a music teacher from here city discovered her talents. She was 17 years old when she worked for local televisions and sang covers songs. Her first stage name was “Bijue” and she sang alongside a colleague, but in the summer of 2013 she changed it to “Otilia” and went solo. Until November 2013 she released 4 songs, like “All the stars” “French Kiss”, “Russian Dream” and “On Fire “, followed by another 3 launched in February 2014 “Dragoste sau nu”, “Amor” and her biggest hit “Bilionera”. “Bilionera” rased over 200 millions of views on Youtube and was number 1 in charts of Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and more.
Otilia filmed two videos for the tracks tracks “All the stars” and “On fire” until February 2014. She wants to release her first album in the near future. Her songs had a lot of success abroad, “On fire” is known in Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Russia, Midlle east and “Amor real” became a hit in Turkey.
She has been invited to shows all around the world and from everywhere she got positive feedback.


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